The Power of Your Story
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The Power of Your Story

Do you think that nobody wants to hear about your story? Do you think that the events of your life or business cant relate to anyone else?

Well, statistically you are right – most people do think that their own story is a sole history that nobody else can possibly share. Yet every time we watch our favorite TV program we find ourselves engaged because there is something in that program that we relate with. So, is your story really unrelateable if CBS is able to tap into it on an episode of This is us? The answer is no. Every story is relateable, and chances are there are MANY others with the same story. There is a famous saying which says, “there is nothing new under the sun”.  You may feel like you are the only one (and by the way this goes for positive experiences just as for negative experiences) but you are not the only one. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. (sorry I digress into a Beatles song).

Hearts and Science

In the marketing/advertising world this is called “hearts and Science”. You see Hollywood as well as billion dollar ad agencies have figured out that if I can tell you a “why” that touches an experience you have had – then you are more than likely to decide to purchase my product. This is how you can watch a opening commercial start with a homeless man and a little girl and the product has nothing to do with the little girl or the homeless man, in fact probably NEITHER of them have the buying power to get the product. Like this ad from Lenovo back in 2015.

See how it touched your heart, and the product is a tech product that for all intensive purposes this was done in 2015 so the product may have not been successful. But who knows how many people did consider it based on this heartfelt commercial. It involved a little innocent girl, giving a homeless man a moment of her time and attention. Who does that NOT touch in some shape of form – whether it be conviction or compassion – the emotion is portrayed (hearts) and the result is positive (Science). The ability to tell a story in 15-30 seconds and touch the heart of the viewer is indeed an art and talent. Where most businesses, organizations etc, would focus on highlighting the features and services of the product – the actual product got MAYBE 4-8 seconds of air time.

Your Story can have an Impact!

Whether you have a business, run an organization, your story behind the story has value and people are waiting to hear about it. Let us help you tell your story! 
Your story can be a simple one or one that is so profound as the Lenovo ad above. You wont know until you start to share it with the world. This is where we @ NVMedia come in. To help you tell your story to the world. 

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