Your office should represent your entire branding.

Assuring that your brand is represented on every screen, monitor, is key to assuring that your client/patient feels secure.


Are you letting them know you are the subject matter expert?

Many offices display content from someone else telling the client/patient that there is SOMEONE else that is the subject matter expert.

Visual Stimulation

Provide a visual experience.

a visual experience not only provides information but also entertains and possibly relieving stress during wait times.


Keeping information updated removes boredom.

When you provide dynamic content on a screen it keeps people engaged and entertained.

Update their 

The average patient or client wait is 18 minutes and 13 seconds. Yet most offices for patients or clients are ill prepared to handle this wait to avoid patient/client frustration. 

Not to mention most offices never use their office to brand or provide information to the waiting patient or client of their own.  68% of medical offices show information that is branded and shows someone else’s information or brand.  This potentially tells the client/patient that you are NOT the authority you claim to be – someone else is.

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