Client Chapter - CANU - Monte Sinai Durham

Monte Sinai Durham

The ClientCANU (centro de alabanza Naciones unidas) & Monte Sinai Durham. 

Goals: create an online presence for the Spanish church located in Durham, NC. 

Description: Ministry began as CANU and transitioned to Monte Sinai Durham. NVMedia took over maintenance for CANU and updated site then transitioned to new brand and name.

Rev. Ricardo Correa
Rev. Ricardo Correa
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Before NVMedia our website was abandoned by our webmaster. Once I contacted NVMedia our problems were dealt with the most professionalism that you can find. From web design and hosting, they can't be compared. Great experience! We had strong communication during the pre-launch and even after our website launch, which makes NVMedia one team member that you can rely on.

Services We Provided – Client Chapter – CANU / Monte Sinai

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Every one of our sites come with the industry standard of a mobile responsive version to save your business money. With this mobile responsive version there is no need to entertain the “app developers” and there is a clear, consistent branding all the way around. 

Your website is only as good as your host. Much like when you are invited into a home or place of business – how you are hosted will and can make that experience good or bad. Siteground is our preferred host for wordpress back-end sites. 


a singular website for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Click to visit site

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Hosting by SiteGround

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Video Production

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Animation and intros were done by NVMedia for ministry client. 

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Brands Utilized to Fulfill goals

Brands Utilized to Fulfill goals