Commercial Campaign

Commercial Campaigns take into account the mediums of marketing that are being used to leverage every part of them, including video content for the goal of getting more clients or generating solid leads. 

The ability to “court” a new customer multiple times over a 6 month period increases your potential to garner a new client/customer over time than in a single encounter. 

Marketing 101 dictates that it usually takes 6-8 contacts with a potential client/customer before they make a decision to buy or use your services. 

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    So many companies misuse their marketing dollars thinking that what "seems" to work for a competitor will work for them. Billboards, mailings, etc are great and are useful to some industries, however there is a much larger reach using Lead Generation technology and video content on social media. Don't fall into the trap of thinking if Nike can do so can I, unless you have $26.6M to do your marketing.


    One of the biggest complaints we hear from potential clients is a lack of accountability. The "I paid monthly for something and never saw any results or anything telling me the results o lack thereof". This is something we have over our competitors, we believe that analytics help you gauge your marketing efforts and every month we provide our clients with full analytics that we have access to in a clear and open format. This in return gives you the power, not us.


    We believe leadership should lead from example. Here is some of the training we have:
    Content Marketing Online Video COntent Strategy Storytelling for Business FB Cert

    Local Business Focus

    We love Small Business Saturdays but we don’t wait for them to honor local businesses. If you are a SC business located in the Greenville/Spartanburg counties we want to support you and your business efforts. We believe it is local business which is the pulse of our community.

    If you got a mailing from us there should be an offer code on the label – be sure to let us know that code. 

    If not and you are a local business then let us know in the comments and we will extend the offer(s) to you as well. *

    *   Offers are based on business service offerings and are limited based on service offered. Offers and discounts cannot be applied to secondary services where NVMedia represents company such as Online Ads, Tv Commercial spots, etc.