Family Friendly Bilingual TV

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Family Friendly Bilingual TV

Why Family Friendly? What is Family Friendly?

Pioneering a TV station that is family friendly in this day and age has proven to be quite challenging. Pioneering a BILINGUAL family friendly TV station has been extremely challenging but so gratifying at the end of the day.

So WHY family friendly? Why choose this genre when money can be made otherwise? Why be so strict to the mission of it and not compromise to well earn money? I was asked these questions and more when I was part of a panel at a TV Technology conference. My response was quite simple but yet my guess is that most could not comprehend it. After all most that were there a SVP from major TV networks like CBS, Hearst, Univsion, Telemundo and others that profits at the end of the day is the primary motivator or catalyst to all they do. There use of specific technology, to the actual investment of programming – the goal is a healthy bottom line. The added question was, “what makes you different from others who have tried?” My response to this and the other questions were as followed:

“What makes us different is our passion… You see when there is passion, the money comes as a “byproduct” not the primary motivation. When we make decisions, and continue to

decide to press on with this very unique genre – the question I ask myself is, “Did I compromise the vision for a dollar?” My answer personally has to be a resounding

NO. When I begin to compromise the vision for a dollar the vision becomes solely an idea not a vision or passion”

So why family friendly?  because it is the vision and passion of which we began this wonderful project.

What is Family Friendly?

This is a very complex question, because the truth of the matter is that family friendly is always defined by the person watching and the family watching. For some families, a show like Law and Order SVU is a family thing when the house is made up of a family of 4 all over the age of 17 (perhaps). And to others family friendly stays on Nickelodeon TV for the cartoons where the family is made up of two adults and 3 toddlers (at least until the kids are in bed). Yet the majority of families that watch TV understand that Family Friendly is programming that is not sexually promiscuous, does not invalidate a moral code whether perceived or lived out. It is programming that helps influence positive change and maintain that moral code that we all have inside. You know the one that tells us, you may be angry at your boss of killing him or her is not right. Perhaps the little voice that says, “you know telling that lie is wrong”. To us family friendly does not skirt life, but at the end of every story that shows true life happenings that the result is one that helps someone make the right decisions at the end of the day. Is prostitution real? YES! Is sexual trafficking real? YES! is drug use real? YES! Is domestic abuse real? YES! We take these topics and allow them to be displayed without compromising and at the end of each one show that there is hope after it all. That a movie or tv program can empower someone to even help someone else. That to us is Family Friendly. Family Friendly TV births HOPE.

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