"The professionalism displayed by your team is demonstrated just as well as in the excellence of your work. Thank you"

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Branding Videos

Branding videos are primarily for the brand awareness of a person. From updating the waiting room signage on a TV screen to tv branding we are ready to help you with your brand. 

Commercial Promos

Commercial promos are mostly used for TV commercial spots. We utilize a technique called hearts and science to be able to capture the attention of the viewer. This can result in the viewer having a lasting impression and making a decision to use or buy your product or service. 


These informative, interview type videos are used for service education for the potential client. These types of videos used in conjunction with our social media marketing services can yield very high returns on investment. 
We are able to close caption in English and Spanish to provide translation of the same video to potential clients. 

Intros and Openers

Our intros and openers are short impacting videos created to introduce a concept or a tv program. These are used for our TV programs as well as client work. 


Our collaboration with local non-profits has truly been a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of these organizations in a creative way to make an impact. shining the light on organizations that impact lives and our community. 

TV Production

We take pride in what we have produced as far as content is concerned. Some projects we solely edit and others we provide the full production including graphics, overlays, intros and outros. 

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