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ROKU and Fire Tv Dev

You and your story content should never be held hostage by a CDN provider. We give you FREEDOM.

Get your own ROKU channel and let us maintain it for 12 months to get you or a team member up to speed and then we will pass it ALL to you. We never hold our clients hostage. 
**Please note the form below should not be filled out on a mobile device. 

    Step 1

    Enter Physical Address of Church

    Enter State abbreviation

    Enter 5 digit zip code

    Enter the direct email for the senior pastor.

    enter the best phone number to contact you at.

    Enter full Church name (no acronyms) NONE

    Enter technical contact email for church (can be same as senior pastor but is required)

    example: Vida Family TV

    choose yes if under the ROKU account your device is registered under you have established a developer account in it.

    If not we can still develop your channel however handing it off to you later is much more difficult.

    enter FULL web address for social media profile. Do not only give aliases or userid.

    Step 2

    If you are getting content from other producers - you must get licensing or authorization to air their production. NVMedia will not do this or be involved in this process.

    list any countries you do not or simply state one specific country you do want it found in. (i.e. United States and Mexico only - English and Spanish)

    If so please provide stream link from your encoder.

    Tip: be sure to label what it is.

    Step 3

    This is required - if not visit: AWS WebReg

    we will need your root password as well but will ask later.

    logo must be HIGH resolution AND vectorized.

    must be 1920x1080

    must be 540x540 - this will be the image used to ID your channel to the public.

    We can provide a solution to do this online for an extra cost OR you can render the videos twice with the criteria we can provide.

    If needed you may need to scroll down to find "SUBMIT" button. All required fields must be filled in.