Roku & Fire TV Development

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ROKU and Fire Tv Dev

You and your story content should never be held hostage by a CDN provider. We give you FREEDOM.

If you have already started the process you know you need a CDN and many CDN’s provide a ROKU channel and Fire TV channel for free. However there is one LARGE caveat.


The moment you decide to go with another vendor for ANY reason – guess who stays with your ROKU and Fire TV channel? The result – you are stuck having to re-market to everyone anew because of a “new channel”.
Most leading CDN companies will then charge you in excess of $15,000 to just develop the channel. 

We on the other hand have lived this experience and decided the “game” needs to STOP! So we invested in technology and training to develop our own channel and manage it. We have accomplished this and now want to help others be released from the grip.  
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What "FREE" offers

  • a "package" deal where your stream is put on a ROKU channel
  • - yet there is usually no Video on Demand capabilities

  • NON-Public channel
  • - which means you need to give everyone a code to find you

  • No Maintenance
  • they just put it out there and never co-labor with you and your channel


Using multi-location Amazon S3 servers and more we are able to provide an excellent VOD user experience regardless of your CDN. Rendering multi-bit rate allows the user experience to buffer down when needed due to their connection.


Updates and constant refreshing of your ROKU and Amazon Fire TV channel is imperative to its success - we take care of that too.

We love Small Business Saturdays but we don’t wait for them to honor local businesses. If you are a SC business located in the Greenville/Spartanburg counties we want to support you and your business efforts. We believe it is local business which is the pulse of our community.

If you got a mailing from us there should be an offer code on the label – be sure to let us know that code. 

If not and you are a local business then let us know in the comments and we will extend the offer(s) to you as well. *

*   Offers are based on business service offerings and are limited based on service offered. Offers and discounts cannot be applied to secondary services where NVMedia represents company such as Online Ads, Tv Commercial spots, etc.