Client Chapter - The Christian View

The Christian View Dr Trudy Simmons

The Client: The Christian View & Dr. Trudy Simmons

Goals: Re-launch website & merge both separate sites into one central location yet maintain the separation of branding.  The Christian View & Dr. Trudy Simmons

Description: After more than 4 years of providing video production services to client for TV program opener, NVMedia developed and deployed their new branded site. 

TCV & Dr. Trudy Simmons
TCV & Dr. Trudy Simmons
Exec. Producer
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Services We Provided – Client Chapter –

The Christian View

website Design & Maintenance

Web design was used as an informative tool and extra care was made to assure it was responsive for both The Christian View & Dr Trudy Simmons sites.

Client Experience

A responsive design - Rebrand transition and quality hosting completed in 4 days. Quarterly maintenance provided by NVMedia.

The light of this Story

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Every one of our sites come with the industry standard of a mobile responsive version to save your business money. With this mobile responsive version there is no need to entertain the “app developers” and there is a clear, consistent branding all the way around. 

Your website’s speed of delivery is key to your success. All must be optimized for quick download speed. It is often overlooked to use graphics that are very large in size but slow to download – this affects user experience. 


  • Synergy between brands
  • Calendar/Schedule Implementation
  • Partner TV network display
  • Responsive design
  • S.E.O. focused. 

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CLICK to reveal - Website Maintenance and Design Close Website Maintenance & Design

Video Production

Some Info:

Animation and intros were done by NVMedia for ministry client. In order of history. 

CANU/Monte Sinai Playlist

3 Videos
CLICK to reveal - Video Production Close Video Production

Brands Utilized to Fulfill goals

Brands Utilized to Fulfill goals