Video Production and editing

The Art of storytelling

A story is the treasure of your business, organization, brand. How the story is presented should always have two primary components;
(1) Use of Technology
(2) Use of demographic data.
Every "masterpiece" of storytelling has these two components; from full feature films to infomercial to 30 second commercial spots. The utilization of these two components by the company you hire can be the clear return on investment or leave you with the need to stop your storytelling effort.
We are Proud to us:

Post-Production Video Editing

You have done the recording or have had it done by someone even other than us – they hand you your footage now you are tasked with editing it to tell the story in an impacting way.  This is where we come in. 

Editing is not a “wing it” or off the seat of your pants task – it requires a certain skill set as well as an eye to help tell the story. From working with green screen, to editing multi-camera shots to create your story we are your solution to making your story shine. 

Technology & Expertise allows us to provide you a final product that is not only excellent for standard viewing but also mobile friendly. We understand that the new “TV” is a mobile device and providing video content that works on all platforms.

Constantly Improving our team

to assure you get the best results

Here is some of the ongoing training our team has undergone. We require our editors and videographers to invest 12 hours per qtr to training to refine their skills.