Web Design Form (forProfit)

Business Web Design Questionnaire

We created this form to help simplify the process and make sure that YOUR DNA shows.

We highly recommend that this be done on a desktop. That you take your time as it is a multistep form and we do not hold data until you click submit at the end. This form is a slider so the previous and next page will show slightly to the left and right. 

Here are some tips:

  • a ‘*’ indicates the field is required. 
  • any email field has to have the ‘@’ in it. 
  • any web address or URL must begin with “http://” or “https://”
  • At times you may need to scroll down to see the continue button. 

    Step 1

    Enter Physical Address of Church

    Enter State abbreviation

    Enter 5 digit zip code

    enter the best phone number to contact you at. (not ministry number will not be made public)

    Enter full Church name (no acronyms) NONE

    example: www.NuevaVida.com

    choose yes if you have full control of the domain aforementioned. If you do not know what this is then choose "no"

    enter FULL web address for social media profile. Do not only give aliases or userid.

    Step 2

    keep in mind each page submitted may or may not be a separate page depending on the content.

    i.e. About Us, Service "x", etc

    Is this page a child page to a parent? i.e Parent: Services - Child: Residential Cleaning . Enter parent page name here.

    What information will you like on this page? Enter it here.

    A call to action is a action you want the visitor to take - i.e. "click here to get quote" - not required but recommended.

    If needed you may need to scroll down to find "SUBMIT" button. All required fields must be filled in.

    Shine the Light (Lantern)


    You as our future client are very important to us. Seems like you tried to access one of our forms via a mobile device. 
    because our forms are lengthy we have found that to preserve the data you enter into it and submit it all at the end it is best to do it on a desktop or laptop.