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Technology Advancement

Technology does continue to progress in a speed that resembles the autobahn in Germany. So how do you keep up? Whether it be a PC (or mac), a video camera, social media, how can I handle managing staying up to date?

These questions are questions I have asked myself. I have 24 years IT experience with Fortune 100 companies and their IP networks, however not being directly in the industry for 4 years has (as some have said) “antiquated” my experience. A pilot must get re certified and log enough hours in flight to maintain his/her certification. A Doctor has to maintain a level of education to stay up to par on new medicine and new methods to help the sick. An attorney keeps in line with precedence being established from court decisions. A preacher stays sharpened while in prayer and study of the Bible. We in this technology industry of video and the like are no different.

It was said, “Education never stops”.


I know as a father I would say that to my son – however it isn’t until later on in his life he realized this is more true than “dad” has said.

I subscribe to magazine(s) that help me sharpen not only my technical skills but also my leadership skills. I grab podcasts or audiobooks and listen to them to help me understand and put into practice what others have learned. I register for webinars to hone my skills on different technology and expertise. These are all good, but how can I manage it all? – after all we all have busy schedules.

Here is one tool I use – it may sound antiquated and perhaps not to “millennial” like but it does work. It does not cost much other than time and dedication (and sometimes that latter one is the hardest right?) You have seen this tool before and more than likely it came already on your phone but most don’t use it effectively. To be honest I am still learning how to. It is called – a calendar.

Now if I still have you after revealing my secret, and you did not run off to discover this thing – well congratulations. This one piece of technology has not changed much at all but has so many added features. Here is how I use it:

  • Create separate calendar ITEMS and color code them. Here are some suggested labels for them:
    • Leadership Training
    • Technical Training
    • Business training
    • Social Media training
    • TV
    • READ (used for review of magazines)
  • Add as much as you want but prioritize and choose 1 for each day or one topic with 3 sessions per week.
  • Be flexible and forgiving.. Creating new habits is not easy so you may miss a few – it is OK the world will not end.

Now that this is in place – rinse and repeat – no… Share with your team and help them develop a growth plan to assure that they are on par with technology. Need help with this let us know we are more than happy to help you and your team do this.