Branding Your Waiting Room

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Branding Your Waiting Room

Does the above picture represent what you look at when you walk into your waiting room? A bored, angry, impatient client or patient? Statistics show that this is the norm for many medical offices or any place of business that has a waiting room. 

Let’s face it – today nobody likes to wait – however the reality is that many of have to wait for something. Perhaps a past patient took too long explaining their symptoms, or an office issue caused you to run behind for the day – these are real issues and your patients/clients are still waiting to be seen. 

The average wait time in a medical office is 18 minutes and 13 seconds. In creating this post I know I only have 45 sec to 1 min to capture your attention – can you imagine waiting 18 minutes for this text to show up – while you stare at a blank white screen? 

Yet did you know that if I provide a video or some content for you to watch while you wait the time will pass without even realizing? This is why we provide video content creation for medical offices or any office that has a waiting room. The purpose is to not only provide entertainment but give informative content to the viewer while placing the brand and the expertise of the company or office the person is waiting on – in the forefront. 

More than 68% of medical offices pay for a streamed service to their displays (if they have one) to give information from someone else with someone else’s branding. This is YOUR billboard. This is YOUR office why not present the brand and yourself as the subject matter expert? 

This is one of the many services we are Nueva Vida Media Provide. If you want more information about how to update your waiting room visit: . 

Imagine how much better your day would be if your waiting room looked like: 

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